Personal Injury Attorney California: Gain Settlement with the Help of Slip and Fall Lawyers

Ledger-Law-Logo-Gray-smallLast year, I moved into a new apartment. My friend had painstakingly hunted for rental properties so that I had a roof on my head while I pursued higher studies. I shared the apartment with three other roomies who turned out to be warm and cordial. We spent the first few weeks quite smoothly. The next month rolled in with a list of maintenance issues. First, a waterline burst. I called up the owner to look into the issue to which, he reluctantly agreed. The water burst issue had barely subsided when a horrible accident occurred. My friend was moving things into the storage room. As he walked past the passage towards the main room, he slipped and fell on his head. The incident made us all panicky and we immediately called an ambulance. As I saw the medical attendants carry my friend on a gurney, I noticed the crevices on the floor. The tiles were beginning to come apart and the filling beneath was beginning to show. I had complained of cracking floors before,  but the owner brushed the issue aside as one would flick a fly. The issue seemed to correlate perfectly with the accident. Now was the time to call a personal injury attorney California.

The owner was evidently careless. I told the lawyer about our endless confrontations and the general attitude of the owner towards these issues. The personal injury lawyer California asked for a thorough inspection of the house to note down the defects. The insurance company tried its level best to blame my friend on the grounds of carelessness. Our lawyer cautioned us against speaking anything that went badly into our records. From now on, anything we uttered in front of the police, the hospital, and insurance authorities would be under scrutiny. We had to calculate our moves well to ensure that no blame fell on our friend.

The California personal injury lawyer carried out further investigations to validate my friend’s innocence. He dug deep into the property maintenance records to see how well it was kept all along. The records helped us prepare strong grounds for the coverage. Meanwhile, my friend was showing gradual signs of recovery. The medical bills were mounting and both my other roommate and I could not afford to pay out of our pockets. The head injury was an excellent ground for the claims and we hoped to recover most of the medical bills out of the coverage. Things were began to work in our favor at last. The owner was nasty, but too timid to drag the matter to court. The insurer finally relented to a settlement. However, they were yet finding means to minimize the coverage. The battle for adequate claims went on for a while. Our friend was still in the hospital and bills were pending. Finally, luck shined on us and we managed to amass ample coverage for the medical damage and all the out of pocket expenses that went into the process.


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Every mother gets worried when it comes to her child. In such a case I am no different. This year my son was to start with his higher studies.  At the same time he was into sports, he had to manage both simultaneously and this is why he thought of opting for the collage that was near his basket ball training school. Initially he used to only go for basket ball which was for limited hours. However after joining higher day he would spend the entire day out. This is why I did not want him to travel by the public transport as that would consume his lot of time.  I discussed his situation with my husband and he was of the opinion that he should take the car. I too felt that taking his own car would make more sense as he would not waste his time but at the same time I was worried as he did not knew driving perfectly. I wanted him to learn driving and later take the car. My husband and I decided that he would go for driving school.

Andy1st driving school

As we never enrolled for any driving school we were not aware which the reputed one here was. In order to take help I discussed it with my friends and they suggested me to take help of the internet as there are many companies that connect through the website. Immediately I started browsing through the internet and came across many websites that offered the driving school services. Initially I did not find any relevant website. It was only after a thorough research I came across this website that offered various options in the courses. I went through the entire website and the details given on it.  Further I got in touch with the Andy1st School of driving and informed them about my son. The professionals here suggested that he should go for the intensive course as that involves a lot of driving practice. After a long discussion I decided to opt for the course suggested by the professionals. I enrolled for the admission and sent my son there.

After the completion of the course my son got his license in the first try. With this I was sure that he has learnt his driving perfectly. I am very thankful to the instructors here who are highly qualified and experienced. As my son had a wonderful experience and learnt driving with all the perfection needed I would recommend this website to everyone. If you are in search of a reputed school of driving this is the place to visit. You can go through the website and get all the detailed information. In case you come across any doubts and wish to take assistance you can get in touch with them. You can rely on these professionals as they will put all the needed efforts to make you perfect in driving.  The other best part about this school is all the courses are offered at affordable prices.


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